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FreddieW, FaultForce


Start Date
Friday from 12midday - games will run through and around other tournaments.
Single Elimination, First to 1 win
32 players
  • This is open to anyone at the event
  • You must have been eliminated from other tournaments before competing in this tournament
  • Please make sure you are present 10 minutes before the scheduled tournament start time

Fireside Gathering Information

For epic25 we are offering the Fireside Gathering option - we encourage you to play the tournament on a mobile device, as you can also receive an exclusive card back as a reward for participating in Fireside Gathering events.  If you participate in three matches against another player checked into our Fireside Gathering event on the epic wifi network at epic24 then you'll receive the Fireside Friends card back.

Tournament Rules

Standard Format

Standard format in Play currently allows players to make use of cards from the Basic, Classic, The Grand Tournament, Whispers of the Old Gods and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card sets, as well as cards from the Blackrock Mountain, League of Explorers and One Night in Karazhan adventures . The tournament will be played using the Standard format.

Matches will take place by players challenging one another to “Standard Duel”. This allows the Hearthstone application to enforce the use of only Standard legal cards.

Conquest Format

The Conquest format is the official format of the Hearthstone Championship Tour.

Each player will bring 4 Hearthstone decks built for distinct classes to the tournament.

At the start of each match each player will ban one of their opponent’s classes. This creates a best of 5 match between the 3 remaining classes for each player.

A player is not required to play the same deck following a loss.

Should a player win a game they may not continue to use the class with which they have won for the remaining duration of the match.

Class Bans

Class bans will take place by making use of the class ban tool found at https://sectorone.eu/deckselect

At the start of a match it is the responsibility of PlayerA to create a “room” using this tool, and provide their code or url to PlayerB.

An example of the usage of this tool will take place at the tournament briefing .


All games must be played on European Battle.net server.