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Rocket League

Up to £2000 + tickets to next event.
SpicyJ, Huntingleopard
epic25, UK
Start Date
Friday 12th October 10:30am
Sunday 14th October 10:30am
Groups to Double Elimination
32 Team
  • Participants must be present in the tournament chatroom no later than 10 minutes before the start of the tournament
  • Tournament matches will be generated and ready 30 minutes prior the scheduled start time
  • Join the tournament channel in the epic.LAN Discord by using the command: !rl


How to play your match

  • Join the epic.LAN Steam Group
  • Go to the Steam Group page and click 'enter chat room'

  • The team on the left side of the match page will create the lobby
  • The host will need to invite one of the opponent players to the lobby
  • The opponent should then invite the rest of his team


Server Settings

  • Format: 3v3
  • Match Time: 5 minutes
  • Server: Europe
  • Game Mode: Private Match
    (team on the left of the match screen hosts the match and selects orange team, team on the right selects blue